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Create a catalog / a Web site / a CD ROM with a single professional tool. 
Available on: Carton Box (CD + manual); Electronic Download; 
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Create a catalog, a manual, a Website, quickly. Publish to Web sites or CDROM. You edit a single hypermedia file (e.g. a whole Web site), you can publish it anytime to both Web/autoinstall CD, with automatic Wizards. Visual, suitable also for beginners (no code, not an HTML editor)! Link pages with font/styles, hot-spots; frames, forms, rollover images, shopping cart... A productive authoring tool focusing on "normal people" rather than developers. 
Includes all the features of 1SITE + PaperKiller. 
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Create a compact ebook visually, even as EXE. Pass and copy protection. 
Available on: CDROM; Electronic Download; 
Discount offer until July 15th. 
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Create a compact e-book with one click. All industry standards: exe, epub, mobi, opf; for all devices including PC, Mac, Kindle, iPad, Nook, smartphones, iPhone, etc. A comprehensive all-in-one visual editor and compiler. Suitable for books, manuals, catalogs: to distribute a compact ebook from your Web site is a handy way for distributing protected information. Includes print and clipboard copy disabling; one or more pass for different groups of pages, or different passwords for different users; expiration date. Full text/keyword search. Frames, hot spots, mouseover images, visual links, popups... 
Create an autorun/autoplay CD presentation, brochures, CD businness cards. 
Available on: CDROM; Electronic Download; 
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CD Front End allows you to create an autorun / autoplay / autostart CD. Catalogs, brochures, CD business cards, a software collection, PDF/DOC file archives, or any stuff. The user simply inserts the CD, then in a full screen window a Web-like presentation is shown. Inside it you can include any button you want to launch files (you can place them anywhere on the CD, and... the program asks no confirmations before installing!). No browsers needed. No configurations, no HTML, no hassles. Passwords, print and copy protection too. 
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Visual Website builder: fast and easy to use; no codes or HTML. 
Available on: CDROM; Electronic Download; 
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With this easy to use Web publishing tool you can make fancy Internet pages: frame-to-frame links, styles, mouse-over changing images and more... quickly and visually. You have the full control of the page (not limited by "templates") don't see "HTML", so all is visual, fast, simple. A Website is a single document, so no messing with endless files. Site-wide search/replace and internal FTP with autodetect of modified pages, so you  manage things globally and publish very quickly. Compatible with any browser. 
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Visual Website builder: professional and easy to use; no codes or HTML. 
Available on: CDROM; Electronic Download; 
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1SITE is the ultra-professional edition of EasyWebEditor. It includes several additional features such as the Link Explorer, the Advanced Searches, automatic hyperlinked index generation, Macro, and much more. 
For your office, the comprehensive alternative to Microsoft. 
Additionally, any Website created with 1SITE is good for Netscape, Opera and Mozilla (not just Internet Explorer). 
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Create a manual, software online guide in HTML Help CHM WinHelp HLP. 
Available on: CDROM; Electronic Download; 
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Create a manual, hypertext, HTMLHelp CHM, WinHelp, online help, personal CDs with this all-in-one easy visual editor. Not a programmer's tool, no code / HTML: it is like a word processor. Font and styles; quick placement of links; image hot-spots and rollovers. Edit, search/replace, archive and publish functions that act on the whole hypertext, rather than on individual pages. Handy: one manual, one file. You can start from scratch and create your electronic manuals in minutes. 
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Create Web sites, autoinstall CDs 
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